Sri Sri Radha Vrindabanbehari Temple


Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Behari temple is constructed with fine Rajasthani style architecture using red stones. It has a traditional central altar as a place of worship while the outside walls, technically called as Mandovar, have stone carvings depicting Krishna’s pastimes as described in Srimad Bhagavatam, the masterpiece compiled by Sri Vyasa. The main sanctum sanctorum (Garbhagriha) is a structure completely made of pink sand stone from Rajasthan, India. With many enlightening carvings, the ornate exterior wall of the Temple (mandovar), depicts pastimes of Lord Krishna and other pastimes from Srimad Bhagavatam. The temple structure, is a fine example of the rich traditions of Indian Architecture.

The temple hall can accommodate up to 1000 individuals. The artistically beautiful stone temple at GEV came into life from the evening of April 14th 2014 when the curtains unveiled for the audience Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban behari for the first time in the Shayana Adhivas ceremony. From the dawn of 14th April the preparations started and continued with various installation procedures on 15th April, the day of grand opening of the new Vedic Cultural and Educational Centre (VCEC) marked by the installation of Their Lordships.

Following are the services (Seva) offered everyday

Seva Time - 4:00 AM

Balya Bhog

Seva Time - 5:30 AM

Shringar Seva

Seva Time - 6:45 AM

Shringar Bhog

Seva Time - 8:00 AM

Mangal Bhog

Seva Time - 11:30 AM

Raj Bhog

Seva Time - 3:45 PM

Vaikalika Bhog

Seva Time - 6:00 PM

Sandhya Bhog with Arati

Seva Time - 7:30 PM


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