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A celebration has three parts – gratitude, affection and blessings. Though, everyday of your life is a special occasion yet when it is your birthday or anniversary, someone’s memorial or a day which holds special significance is entitled to a special celebration. At Govardhan Ecovillage we facilitate a celebration which is an expression of gratitude and affection for others and is also imbued with blessings of Lord Krishna, His devotees, Mother Cow and Mother Nature.

In spiritual culture there are accepted practices and beliefs that are performed to facilitate any expression of life. In any celebration the principle of expressing our affection for others and thereby reciprocating love is the real intent. Thus, celebrations are performed with prayers, offering worship to deity and offering service to the community for expressing gratitude and invoking blessings. At Govardhan Ecovillage we are facilitating celebrations in the same mood where you experience joy by sharing your happiness with the residents. We have witnessed such celebrations have added a meaning to people’s experience, happiness and life for the acts of benevolence brings virtue.

You are invited to visit Govardhan Ecovillage and participate in above services. We will facilitate offering of Arati’s at our temples on the day for you. We will appreciate that you inform us at least 2 days in advance if you plan to visit.

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