Srila Roop Goswami entered samadhi in the year 1564, and his sacred body was entombed here next to his bhajana kutira, by his beloved disciple and nephew Jiva.

Bhajan kutir – On his arrival in Vrindavana, Srila Roop Goswami chose this spot in the sacred garden of Seva Kunja near the banks of the Yamuna to perform his bhajana and rest beneath the trees at night. This spot in Seva Kunja eventually became his ‘de facto’ headquarters, where he would hold meetings with the other Goswamis and where he held discourses on Shrimad Bhagavatama and other Vaishnava literatures. It was also here where he wrote many of his important books including the great Vaishnava classic Bhakti-rasamritasindhu, the Nectar of Devotion, which he completed in 1541. Within time, a simple attached cottage was built for Roop Goswami where he could keep his parchment leaves and other items used for writing books.

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